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Podhale - (literally "under the Mountain meadows") is Poland's southernmost region, sometimes referred to as the "Polish highlands". The Podhale is located in the foothills of the Tatra range of the Carpathian mountains.


The region is characterized by a rich tradition of folklore that is much romanticized in the Polish patriotic imagination. Its folklore was brought there mainly by Polish settlers from the Lesser Poland region further North and partly by Transylvanian settlers in the 14th–17th centuries during their migrations.  Podhale is a part of the historical province of Lesser Poland (Polish: Małopolska) with its capital in the Royal city of Kraków. -Wikipedia


The Gorce Mountains are covered by 95% forest, and this is essential, for the inhabitant wild life that lives in the park, such as wild boar, deer, roe deer, otter, badgers and stoats. Of the 185 species of vertebrates that live in the area of Gorce National Park, 21 of these are registered in the Polish Red Book (endangered species in Poland). These include: Carpathian newt, Black grouse, White-backed woodpecker, Three-toed woodpecker, Capercaillie, Golden eagle, Eagle owl, Doormouse, Scotoma, Brown bear, Dewberry, Lynx, Wolfs and Wild cats. In the Gorce national Park, there are as many as 130 different species of birds, among them as many as 100 nests in the park. -Alternative Poland

Animale - (Penglish.) means "animals."

Gora - (Polish) means "mountain."

Goral - (Polish: Górale; Slovak: Gorali; Cieszyn Silesian: Gorole; literally "highlanders") are an ethnographic (or ethnic) group primarily found in their traditional area of southern Poland, northern Slovakia, and in the region of Cieszyn Silesia in the Czech Republic.

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